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Perceive - Art Print

Perceive - Art Print

價格自 HK$129.00
【𝒫𝑒𝓇𝒸𝑒𝒾𝓋𝑒 洞察】👀耶穌回答說:「我確確實實地告訴你:一個人如果不重生,就不能見神的國。」(約3:3)這裡「見」的意思不是肉眼看見,而是「洞察 Perceive」。「洞察」是去發現,明白。如果我們其實不是在等待「看見」神的國降臨,而是現在就去「洞察」它?現況或許看似惡劣,耶穌當時身處的也亦然。我們不是要去創造另一個「虛擬實景」,否認問題的存在;而是去否認它的影響力—因為一個重生的人能夠洞察神眼中的真實,並帶來改變!Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”The word “SEE” here is actually “Perceive”. “Perceive” is to be aware, understand, .What if actually we are not waiting to “SEE” the Kingdom of God, but to lean on and “perceive” it around us now?The circumstances now seems terrible,so were the time of Jesus lived in.We are not creating another “virtual reality” to deny the existence of problem,But denies it a place of influence—A born again person has the ability to perceive the reality in God and brings a difference!
  • Details

    - Art Print一張HKD$129,3張HKD$330 (Apply Code - 330for3)

    - Art Print 原本已包含紙框,另外配白畫框/木畫框+$80

    - 滿$450包順豐運費

    - 複印畫紙框尺寸 方形:18cmx18cm 長方16.5x22cm

    - 畫框尺寸: 正方21x21cm 長方23x28cm






    - Art Print HKD$129/1,HKD$330/3  (Apply Code - 330for3)

    -Art Print with White Paper frame (extra wood/white frame +HKD$80/1)

    -Shipping According to countries - Suggested - Fedex

    - Paper frame size :18cmx18cm (square) 16.5x22cm (others)

    -frame size : 21x21 cm (square) or 23x28cm (others)

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