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Deep calls to deep - Art Print

Deep calls to deep - Art Print

【 𝒟𝑒𝑒𝓅 𝒸𝒶𝓁𝓁𝓈 𝓉𝑜 𝒹𝑒𝑒𝓅 深淵與深淵響應】有聲音像呼喚著我,不是到更高之處,而是到更深之處。而我的心亦不甘停留表面。有寶藏藏在下面,超越空洞找到痛苦,超越痛苦找到安慰,超越安慰找到天國的能力 —— 是祢愛中深不見底的善良,猶如洪水閘口打開,瀑布傾瀉漫過我心,呼喚著我踏出勇敢自信的一步:因我知道,祢早已臨近。There’s sound calling,it doesn’t call me to the higher place but the deeper instead,and my heart is unwilling to remain on the surface.There’s treasure hidden underground,Go beyond shallow I find pain,Go beyond pain I find comfort,Go beyond comfort I find the power of Heaven—it’s your endless loving kindness,as if floodgates being opened, cascading over my heart,calling me to step out with boldness and confidence,as I know you are already near.———原畫連畫框尺寸:280x230 mm 
  • Details

    - Art Print一張HKD$129,3張HKD$330 (Apply Code - 330for3)

    - Art Print 原本已包含紙框,另外配白畫框/木畫框+$80

    - 滿$450包順豐運費

    - 複印畫紙框尺寸  é•·æ–¹16.5x22cm

    - 畫框尺寸:  é•·æ–¹23x28cm


    -一般備貨時間:2-3個工作天 (畫框需1星期 - A3 需2星期)




    - Art Print HKD$109/1,HKD$280/3

    -Art Print with White Paper frame (extra wood/white frame +HKD$80/1)

    -Shipping According to countries - Suggested - Fedex

    - Paper frame size :18cmx18cm (square) 16.5x22cm (others)

    -frame size : 21x21 cm (square) or 23x28cm (others)

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